Whether you are brand new to the cleaning industry or an established cleaning business owner/manager, The Cleaning Service University will train you to work at your best and brightest level.


What is The Cleaning Service University?

CSU is where we house the 11 Week Program for cleaning business owners and managers.


What is the 11 Week Program?

It is an interactive video and audio based training program.  The 11 Week Program teaches smart and effective business systems to those who want a more profitable home cleaning business.  It is specifically tailored to the home cleaning industry.

The 11 Week Program is designed to turn your business into a premier local home cleaning business where it brings in higher profits, an elite lifestyle and your higher purpose.

The training comes to you via weekly courses and consists of step-by-step videos/audio, done-for-you documents, copy and paste content, and ready-to-go systems.  All the training is in your private member only site.  Through the member only community forum you can compare notes, connect with other members and get to know everyone.

With your membership comes access to one-on-one training with Coach Adriana.  This is where you want to ask your unique-to-you questions.  For example, a customer complained, now what?  Did you under quote?  Should I fire my worker because she did this…?  What would Adriana do if …. happened in her cleaning business?

Adriana has strategic advise to ensure the outcome of your situation will ultimately benefit you and not hurt you.

Best of all, you are a lifetime member.  You can refresh and retake the program free however often you want.


Can I take a tour?

You can take a free tour of the 11 Week Program by previewing the syllabus click here.


Should I do the 11 Week Program?

If you want to learn how to run a smart and successful home cleaning business even if you have not yet started this program is ideal for you.  Learn to find customer that want to pay top dollar.  Know how to avoid the bargain hunters and learn why being the cheapest in town is the worst competing strategy ever!


Our ideal members…

Ready to Succeed Beginner.

This is an ambitious and determined novice.  You have done your research and have realized a home cleaning business is the way to go because of all the advantages this business has over many other businesses.  You are action-oriented and are planning your strategy as we speak… You know that systematizing everything is key to any profitable business, from the cleaning to the sales, everything will have a system to ensure accuracy every single time.

Current Business Owners/Managers.

If you already have your home cleaning business the 11 Week Program is a perfect fit for you.  The program not only covers basics, it goes way beyond that!  We get into legal aspects, financial aspects, advanced selling of pre-paid cleanings just to name a few…  Learn what you can do about the slower than dirt cleaning process, how to train your workers to clean more efficiently to give your profits a huge boost.  Learn how to get customers to pay more for a first time cleaning and keep them from saying “No I just want a maintenance the 1st time.”  We all know a maintenance is not just a “maintenance” when it comes to the 1st time cleaning!  Learn to broaden your marketing and know about specific marketing techniques that will get customers calling in.


How much do I have to pay? Is there any payment plans?  Can I apply for scholarships?

The investment for 2014 was $1400.  We offer reasonable payment plans as well.  We do accept scholarship applications, last year we awarded to 5 members.

Is this a scam?

This is not a scam, not now not ever!  This program was specifically put together by Coach Adriana whom also has her own successful and thriving cleaning business.  Here is her company’s website.  To be perfectly clear, we would not be this confident about this program if we did not have the profitable cleaning business to back it up.  Rest assured the only training you will learn here has already been used time and time again with great success in Coach Adriana’s cleaning business as well as our member’s cleaning businesses.

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