The Cleaning Service University was founded by Adriana Ross after she knew this method was truly fail safe.

Our initial “beta” tester for this program was a local cleaning service in Dallas, Zena’s Detailed Maids. After years of partnering with this local company, implementing and developing unique ideas to bring in record profits, Adriana knew she had done her job with this company. In 2012 they joined forces with another local Dallas cleaning company and became a power house of a business.

Adriana’s hunger for knowledge, knocking on other owner’s doors, ground pounding, attending nationwide lectures, working with consultants, and basically sponging vast amount if knowledge, she was able to help create a successful and profitable cleaning business model.

We know there are many maid coaches, cleaning coaches, cleaning business consultants, etc… However, we saw it time and time again, the lack of financial systems and legal systems where the biggest question marks they left behind.

Adriana did try her best to ask these questions, each time she was told, “I am just a consultant, you should speak with your lawyer or accountant about that.” This was unacceptable and truly lacking!

She knew how huge the problem was and realized the need for a true top-to-bottom approach, where members felt 110% ready and confident…

NO question left behind, NO question “danced” around, NO member left in the dark.

Forward to now, we have created the first ever cleaning business model to fully support a quality of life for the owners and leaders. The Cleaning Service University connects its members with all the complete and comprehensive cleaning business how to’s, and yes even financial and legal support. This system and all of its integrations will make it simple for you to run a smooth flowing business.

Your cleaning business will offer great financial and lifestyle benefits to include repeat predictable cash flow, financial security, daytime-no weekend hours, high-income potential, and the feeling of knowing you are a success, and top leader.