The Process and Support:

You will have full easy access to all the written materials, audio, video, e-books, CD’s, etc… all online.  There is no need for a dedicated room, corner or a section to train the leaders and workers.

NO billing, NO account receivables, this is a cash business, this translates to immediate profits!

The Revolutionary 11 WEEK PROGRAM. 

From cleaner to company owner this is the first ever elite cleaning business success maid easy!


WEEK 1: Leadership – 2 Videos, 5 Documents

  • Step-by-step starting and structuring your business.
  • Already Have A Maid Service? Let’s Analyze Your Business.

WEEK 2. Branding – 6 Videos, 1 Document

  • Office Set Up
  • Branding and Image
  • Overview of Documents

WEEK 3. Marketing – 12 Videos, 17 Documents

  • Marketing 101
  • Mailchimp and Adobe 101
  • Bartering 101
  • Making videos for marketing, company training, etc…

WEEK 4. Sales – 2 Videos, 30 Documents

  • Quoting System 101 (Selling the Invisible)
  • How to Properly Raise Prices 101

WEEK 5. Management – 5 Videos, 27 Documents

  • Hiring Process 101
  • OWNERS ONLY: You will be given access to OWNERS section at this point, more information below.

WEEK 6. Management cont. – 5 Videos, 12 Documents

  • Clean Cleaning Training 101

WEEK 7. Engagement – 3 Videos, 43 Documents

  • Preparing For New Customer 101
  • Difference between Coupons and Rebates

WEEK 8. Sales 102 (Advanced) – 3 Videos, 2 Documents

  • Prepaid Cleanings – Gift Cards/Baskets 101
  • Test/Barter/Free Houses

WEEK 9. Finance (and Legalities) – 5 Videos, 4 Documents

  • Financial – Cash Flow 101
  • Financials with Quickbooks 101
  • How to – Time Cards

WEEK 10. Management 102: Using Software Series (Advanced) – 11 Videos, 1 Document

  • Service CEO 101
  • NON-Service CEO users – What you will need.

WEEK 11. Congratulations!  You Graduate to Alumni Membership Level! – 1 Video

  • Receive Alumni access and information.


As a member you get:

  • one on one with your cleaning coach
  • frequent meetings to go over recent challenges
  • on-going email and phone contact

  • TECH SUPPORT: direct log in to your computer to promptly fix any issues at your request
  • customer case studies
  • demonstrations
  • computer training
  • READY-TO-GO: The vast amount of ready to go documents and forms used for the every day to day business.  Forms include: work orders, quote sheets, in-home estimate, no in-home estimate, quote speech, price chart for all cleanings and additional services, business analysis forms, yearly financial analysis forms, Leave-Behind Folder contents, cleaning checklists for the customers and quality assurance of the Cleaning Techs, and so much more…

OWNERS ONLY section: 

  • Useful tools
  • Copies of all PDF’s saved as DOC
  • Phone Code – Internal
  • Properly Manage Growth
  • While in transition, what to do…
  • What comes first hiring or marketing

Lots of goodies and extra’s for your exclusive use!  We will also cover what to do as you gain success with having the right customers, budget, staff, office set up, etc…  To keep steady growth you must first be a strong company.  Having a strong foundation will keep you from becoming vulnerable to current economy issues.  Best of all, it will give you peace of mind when you are ready to spend time away from your business.

  • Learn at your own pace – Complete the 11 Week Program when you are ready, we will be there through every step.
  • 11 week program – This is an actual course designed to teach you everything you need to know about your cleaning business in 11 Weeks. This is NOT your average “tips” on running your business. These are proven results actively being used by Cleaning Business owners like you. Your Cleaning Coach is NOT just a Coach, she is also a full time Cleaning Business Owner that practices what she preaches.

Real course session in action…

Syllabus Preview (Table of Contents):

syllabus preview