I am having issues with my current maid…


We receive inquiries for cleaning quotes often. This one in particular stood out, so we thought we would share it with those finding themselves in a similar situation…

“I’m having issues with my current maid who does not do a detailed job. She is supposed to be at our house for 3 hours but sometimes only stays for one hour. Also, she does not clean the floors behind doors or move objects on the counter to clean underneath. Also, she makes personal calls from her cell phone while she is at my house. She has been with us for over 10 years and has recently asked for raise. I don’t want to give her a raise if she continues to do a poor job so am looking to see what else is out there.”

– Donna Kostuck, Dallas TX. 75206

At 1st we really wanted to gain her business, it was a golden opportunity, she had been let down and we would come in to sweep her off her feet! (pun intended). We already know we do not have these types of issues in our company. However, honesty got the better of us and we decided to help Donna with her primary problem 1st. If our strategy didn’t help then at least Donna would know she could count on us to take on her home. This is what we replied…

Hello Donna,

Thank you for your interest in our maid services.

Normally we send a pre-written email when someone asks for a quote with their prices plugged in but in your case I read your comments and wanted to reach out to you about your current issues with your maid. From what I read your maid is an independent and has been so for years. Generally speaking our competitors tend to be other maid companies not independents, and your concerns are some of the reasons why. Because you are her employer you are the only one that can manage her and “straighten” her out, I empathize with you because I know this is easier said than done. Before you go looking elsewhere it does not hurt to try some strategies we use when our customers give us feedback like yours. I have tweaked some of them so they are more custom to your circumstance.

Leave our pamphlet on the fridge or on top of kitchen countertop. Put a sticky on top of it with something written on it along the lines of… “they get behind doors -check, they will stay here 3 hours -check, they leave cell phones in the car -check, they are insured and bonded -check, got quoted by Suzy”. But don’t write our prices on it, we probably charge more than her so you do not want to give her the idea how much she could potentially make. Price is also another reason we only compete with other maid companies, we are upheld to more stringent rules like needing to pay sales tax, business taxes, insurance, bond, workers comp in case someone gets hurt our customer is not held liable, etc…

Have the talk with her. Tell her in specific (like you told us) what you are not happy with. Have the check list handy. Tell her than you love her service and don’t want to loose her but on the advise of your husband/ your mother that came to visit (or someone else close to you), it was time you look into getting quotes from other maid services. You are not the one that wants to do this but its your husband that is making you do this. This makes it seem like you are on her side and only want to help her. She will be more likely to take all your advise and obey. Tell her the raise will have to wait till at least next year to give ample time to see if she has improved.maidmarketing12

For the cleaning hours. If the arrangement from the beginning was that she was supposed to stay 3 hours then you should bring this up and add it to your check list. Sometimes maids (independent and maid companies) charge flat fees. So maybe just talk with her about this. Ask her to explain to your how she is charging, and why 3 hours in the beginning and now just 1 hour. If she says she was charging flat fee then she does have every right to leave after cleaning is done no matter how many or little hours have gone by. With that being said, you can also use that to your advantage by telling her by doing so she has effectively given herself a raise, therefore no need for you to have to pay more.

I can tell you from experience the hardest habit to break is the cell phone issue. About 5 years ago it was bad around here (you’d think it would be common sense). We finally added it to the office policy, NO cell phone use while at customers home unless it is communication with us. This fixed everything. We had to choice but to enforce this, which meant there where a couple of maids that where let go because of this. If you have no choice and don’t see her listening to this rule you will have no choice but to let her go. Consider it a positive thing, you are moving on to a better service and don’t feel bad for her because she decided not to listen to your instructions. If you let her go because of this let her know, hopefully she will be more careful with the next job.

I apologize for making this a long one, I believe your maid should have a fair chance at making things right with you. If it does not work out, we will be very happy to provide professional cleaning services for you.