adriana and kennethIf you are running a cleaning business, the need for a cleaning coach might become obvious. Contrary to what most people think, a professional cleaning business requires you to hire a professional cleaning coach, who can guide the office staff and cleaning techs in the best possible ways to clean things up within the house as well as efficiently manage the admin side of things. The point of this article is that if you are looking for greater profits, you must make a greater investment in the product you are offering; which in this case would be cleaning services.

A cleaning coach will not only help your employees do their job in a better manner, but more importantly, a cleaning coach will be able to guide you accordingly regarding how you should handle your business. The main purpose of a cleaning coach is that he/she does not just provide you with services regarding the Nitti gritty of the cleaning process, but he/she will also coach you on all of the different ways by which a person can run a cleaning business. So, if you really want to get your business up and going, here’s how to hire your ideal cleaning coach:

Check for merits

There are numerous cleaning qualifications and certificates that are on offer. Thanks to the internet, a number of different online qualifications are also available, which will allow you to gauge whether the cleaning coach you are hiring is actually sound in his/her knowledge or not. You need somebody who has worked with other cleaning businesses before and has also helped them in improving their standards.

Check for work history

Work history is very important within the cleaning business. Contrary to what most would think, work history shows whether the cleaning coach has done a good job or not. You can check for the work history of your cleaning coach by getting their references and resume. As is obvious, a good cleaning coach would be one who has worked with numerous different businesses, and has had a good response too.  A good place to start is work related websites like Linked In.

Set up a meeting

A meeting with the cleaning coach would be the perfect way to gauge their knowledge, understanding and experience. Never ever go upon the words of others unless you have carefully analyzed the person yourself. There are a number of different things that you need to keep in mind when you meet with your cleaning coach; how he/she handles themselves, how he/she talks and any advice or tips that they might give. All of these are very important in order to gauge the person in the best possible manner. Your cleaning coach will not only provide you with the latest in line of the cleaning technology that can help your employees to clean in a better fashion, but he will also guide them along the way. Moreover, they will guide you on how to run the business, so make sure that he/she looks the part. By arranging a few meetings, you’ll know if you have the right person or not!

adriana-and-zenaIf meeting in person is not possible due to distance, then a phone call is just as good!  Set up a good mutual time to talk via emails, a good cleaning coach will call you ready and willing to answer any questions you may have, so make sure to write them down prior to your phone meeting.

We hope this information helps in your journey to success!  You are always welcomed to contact our in-house cleaning coach here at The Cleaning Service University for any questions…